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How to Make the Perfect Pillowcase

 Materials Needed: (3) Complementary Cotton Woven Fabrics Rotary Cutter or Scissors Cutting Mat Sewing Machine Use this tutorial to make the Perfect Pillowcase, a unique accessory for any bed. Sized to fit a standard or queen-sized pillow.Begin by cutting your fabric. You will fold your fabric down the middle and line up opposite selvage edges. Smooth out fabric and make sure it is as straight as possible before cutting. At the completion of your cut, you will have a long rectangle that still contains selvage edges on both short sides. Main Fabric - 27" x 44/45" Cuff Fabric - 9" x 44/45" Accent Trim - 3" x 44/45" Cut all three fabrics based on the sizes listed above. Mix and match...

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The Story of Apothecary Fabrics

Our story begins one bright and warm Christmas morning in south Texas, many years ago. I had saved the biggest box for last and grinned up at my husband. The box was heavy and I had no idea what it could be. I ripped open the Santa Claus wrapping paper and came face to face with a Janome sewing machine. With confusion, I looked up into my husband's face and found a big, happy grin there.  That precious smile stopped me from asking why I had been gifted this machine when I had absolutely no idea how to use it. "It's wonderful, honey," I said. "I can't wait to learn to sew." But I could wait. And I did. Our story picks...

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