The Story of Apothecary Fabrics

Our story begins one bright and warm Christmas morning in south Texas, many years ago.

silver christmas train on fireplace mantel

I had saved the biggest box for last and grinned up at my husband. The box was heavy and I had no idea what it could be. I ripped open the Santa Claus wrapping paper and came face to face with a Janome sewing machine.

With confusion, I looked up into my husband's face and found a big, happy grin there.  That precious smile stopped me from asking why I had been gifted this machine when I had absolutely no idea how to use it.

"It's wonderful, honey," I said. "I can't wait to learn to sew."

But I could wait. And I did.

Our story picks back up a few years later in early Fall of 2017. I was putting a load of laundry into the dryer and my eyes caught the unopened sewing machine box that was perched on a shelf.

Stretching up on my tiptoes, I pulled the bulky package down and unboxed the sewing machine for the very first time. I figured I could sew up some simple pillow cases before I put it back on the shelf for another few years.

I used the instructions in the Owner's Manual to thread the machine and try my first few stitches. After I learned how to backstitch and sew a straight line, I thought I'd try a quick project. I turned to YouTube and found a beginner's tutorial for keyfobs. An hour later, I had made my first sewing craft ever:

I was pretty darn proud of myself.

The next day, I looked up a tutorial on how to make tote bags. By 2am the following morning, I had these to show off:

hand made tote bags with applique

Again, super proud.

I figured if my first projects looked this good, if I spent some time honing my craft, I could become a decent seamstress.

I set up a sewing station in the front room of our house and sewed daily. I enjoyed finding tutorials online and adding my own flair to them.

small sewing area complete with table and sewing machine

For the next few years, I practiced my sewing skills by making my daughter's clothing and found great joy in making one-of-a-kind, wearable pieces of art.

young girl wearing turquoise dress with bluebird on bodice

In early 2018, my family moved into a larger home where I had a designated sewing room. Fabric was coming out of my ears by this point and I found that curating my textile collection was something that really brought me joy.

sewing room with large windows

The decision to turn my love for fabrics into a business was an easy one. I opened up an Etsy shop and began selling my remnants. Those disappeared in a few weeks and I was hard-pressed to find more fabric to sell.  

Since I loved the whimsical prints of Riley Blake Designs and the high-quality of Art Gallery Fabrics, those are the first two lines of fabric I began to curate.  Since then, I've added Moda and Liberty of London to my shop.

My focus on fast-shipping and excellent customer service garnered me many a 5-star review on Etsy. The decision to make the transition to my own website came about six months into my business as I began to outgrow the well-known site.

sewing area with camera and lighting rig for video production

As my business has grown, the drive to introduce a younger generation to the art of sewing and quilting determined me to create a YouTube channel, complete with sewing tutorials and sew along videos.

Slowly but steadily, my online presence is organically growing and I'm excited to see what the future holds for my home-based fabric shop.  Thanks for visiting!  Feel free to comment with any questions or comments that you have.

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