This tutorial will teach you how to make the Perfect Pillowcase, a unique accessory for any bed.  Sized to fit a standard or queen-sized pillow.

Materials Needed:

(3) Complementary Cotton Woven Fabrics

Rotary Cutter or Scissors

Cutting Mat

Sewing Machine

Begin by cutting your fabric.  You will fold your fabric down the middle and line up opposite selvedge edges.  Smooth out fabric and make sure it is as straight as possible before cutting.  At the completion of your cut, you will have a long rectangle that still contains selvedge edges on both short sides.

Main Fabric - 27" x 44/45" 

Cuff Fabric - 9" x 44/45"

Accent Trim - 3" x 44/45"

Cutting fabric from selvedge to selvedge.

Cut all three fabrics based on the sizes listed above.  Mix and match your fabrics to create an eye-appealing design.

Three pieces of fabric cut to size for the Perfect Pillowcase tutorial.

Fold the main piece, wrong sides together, and lay it upon your work station. Make sure your selvedge edges are lined up precisely.  Repeat for the cuff and accent piece.  Line up all three cuts at the folded edge and lay them on top of each other.

Three folded pieces of fabric arranged on a table.

Ensure that the folds are well lined up.

Folded edges of fabric lined up precisely.

Cut the selvedge edge straight by using your ruler and mat to ensure a clean line. 

Ruler perched upon fabric ready to cut the selvedge off.

Straight cut shown below.  You now have three pieces of fabric with the same width.

Perfectly cut fabric, ready to be stitched.

Fold accent piece in half lengthwise, wrong sides touching, and press to create a sharp fold.

Trim piece of fabric, folded in half lengthwise and pressed flat.

Put cuff on workstation, right side up.  Place main fabric on top of that, right side up.  Ensure that the top edges line up.  Finish the fabric "sandwich" with the accent piece, raw edges lined up with the other two fabrics' edges.  The folded edge of the accent piece will be facing downwards.

The main fabric of the Perfect Pillowcase rolled up and ready to cover with the burrito method.

Slowly roll up the main fabric, careful not to roll the cuff along with it.  Stop rolling before you get to the accent piece.

Main part of fabric rolled up tight.

Make a burrito roll by gently pulling up the bottom of the cuff and lining it up with the edge of the sandwiched fabrics.  Pin or clip the center to secure.  (Make sure you have all layers pinned/clipped.)

The burrito method being used to make the Perfect Pillowcase.

Take your time and continue pinning down the length of the fabric sandwich.

Cuff of the pillowcase rolled over the main fabric and lined up to the raw edges.

Sew with 1/4" seam allowance, backstitching at beginning and end.  Gently pull the fabric completely out of the "burrito".

The Perfect Pillowcase rolled up by the burrito method and sewn with a 1/4 seam allowance.

Press fabric, taking care to crease the fold of the cuff well.

Pillowcase laid out flat with the right side facing upwards.

After material is ironed, fold the fabric, wrong sides together, and line up the raw edges to prepare to sew.  

Fabric brought together with the wrong sides facing, the raw edges lined up.

Make sure the seams of the cuff and accent piece are lined up and clip or pin.  Sew with 1/4" seam allowance down the two raw edges of the pillowcase.

Making sure the cuff and accent piece seams are lined up perfectly on both sides.

Cut seam allowance down to 1/8" using a ruler and a rotary cutter.  Be careful not to cut the stitching of the seam.  You are making room for the French Seam created in the next step.

Cutting the 1/4 seam allowance down to 1/8 with a ruler and rotary cutter.

Turn the pillowcase inside out. This part can be a bit tedious so take your time.  Work the seam you just made to the edge of the pillow case with your fingers.  Rub the seam a few times between your index finger and thumb until you feel/see it extend out. 

If you have trouble, put a hand inside the pillowcase and poke the seam out.  If you skip this part, you will end up sewing too much fabric in the next step when you create your French Seam.

As you continue to pull the seam flush around the edges, pin or clip as you go to keep your material in place.

Edges lined up and clipped to ensure a clean stitch line.

Sew around the pinned/clipped edges with a 1/4" seam allowance, backstitching at the beginning and the end.  This creates your French Seam.

Perfectly stitched 1/4 seam allowance.

French Seam interior view of cuff.

The view of the French Seam from the interior of the Perfect Pillowcase.

Turn pillowcase right-side out.  Press.

The right side of the Perfect Pillowcase before pressing.

You have completed the Perfect Pillowcase!  

The Perfect Pillowcase after pressing the seams flat with an iron.

Mix and Match your favorite fabrics to create your own home decor!

The Perfect Pillowcase made from fabric collection I Scream, You Scream by Michael Miller.

This pillowcase was created with fabrics from Michael Miller's Ice Cream, You Scream collection.


The cuff, accent piece and main body of the Perfect Pillowcase by Apothecary Fabrics.

Feel free to take a look at our fabric collection to find your own inspiration.