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Firefly (or Bee) Quilt Sewing Pattern - PAPER PATTERN - Designed by Pen & Paper Patterns


Our Firefly (or Bumblebee) Quilt sewing pattern is filled with fun, fanciful fireflies (or bees) on a square grid.

For Intermediate level sewers and up, this standard piecing quilt pattern is well put together and easy to understand.

This paper sewing pattern helps you to create a quilt that measures 72-1/2" x 72-1/2" squared. A perfect size for a comfy throw on the couch or to decorate a bed with a pop of color!

Fabric requirements:
1/4 yard each of three prints for the abdomen
3/4 yard fabric for wings
5/8 yard fabric for antenna, head, and thorax
3/4 yard fabric for the glowing light portion of the firefly
4-1/2 yard background fabric (5 yards if making the bee quilt that is included)
5/8 yard fabric for binding
4-1/2 yard for backing

Yes, you read that right! This pattern also contains the instructions for turning these fireflies into bees! 2 for 1 quilt patterns are fab! Check out the second photo for a sample of the bee.